CCD Imaging Software for Astrophotography

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CCD Imaging Software for Astrophotography

Starry Night Pro Plus 6.3

The New CCD Astronomy Guide to Astrophotography
The CCD Astrophotography Guide

For astrophotography using "single-frame" CCD cameras, image-processing software is needed to produce the end digital images. Such software, besides doing routine image processing, handles image stacking, filtering, astrometry, photometry and CCD camera control. Truly outstanding images that rival what the world's best telescopes produced a decade ago is within reach of the amateur astronomer today. Some popular titles of CCD imaging software include:

  • AIP4Win from Willmann-Bell
  • AstroArt from MLB Software
  • CCDSharp from SBIG
  • CCDSoft from Software Bisque
  • MaxIm DL software from Diffraction Limited
  • MIRA software from Axiom Research
  • PRiSM from Axilone Multimedia
  • RegiStar from Auriga Imaging
  • Starry Night AstroPhoto Suite (MaxIM DL plugin)
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