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Useful Accessories for Binoculars

If you will be using binoculars for astronomy viewing, here are some accessories to make your star-gazing sessions more enjoyable:

Essential Accessories

  • Tripod & mount - no matter how lightweight your binoculars are, your arms will get tired. Binocular shake can quickly end an astronomy viewing session. Get a tripod with mount that is sturdy and won't shake. Don't skimp here, be prepared to spend at least $100 for a decent set up.
  • Binocular "L" adapter - you will need an adapter to mount your binoculars to a tripod. Make sure you buy binoculars that have a threaded hole in front to screw in the adapter. Adapters cost about $10.

Nice-to-Have Accessories

  • Parallelogram mount - this mount fits on your tripod and allows you to retain a comfortable stance and position when viewing. The parallelogram mount consists of parallel rods and pivots that move the binoculars in 6 degrees of freedom to whatever height and angle you want for viewing. These can really reduce arm, neck and shoulder strain.
  • Solar filters - solar filters (either the Mylar or glass type) fit on each lens of your binoculars for safe, direct viewing of sunspots and other solar features.