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Astronomy Abbreviations

Abbrev Meaning
DN dark nebula
DSO deep-sky object
EG elliptical galaxy
EN emission nebula
GAL, GLX galaxy
GC globular cluster
IC Index Catalog
IG irregular galaxy
NEA near-Earth asteroid
NEO nearth-Earth object
NGC New General Catalog
OC open cluster
PN planetary nebula
RN reflection nebula
SG spiral galaxy
SNR supernova remnant

Telescope Abbreviations

Abbrev Meaning
Alt-Az alt-azimuth mount
Apo apochromatic refractor telescope
CCD charge-coupled device
Dec declination
Dob Dobsonian telescope
DSC digital setting circle
ED extra-low dispersion (glass)
EQ equatorial mount
f focal number
FOV field of view
H-alpha, H-A Hydrogen Alpha filter
HST Hubble Space Telescope
LP, LPR light pollution reduction (filter)
Mak Maksutov telescope
MCT Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
MNT Maksutov-Newtonian telescope
ND neutral density (filter)
Newt Newtonian telescope
O-III Oxygen-III filter
OTA optical tube assembly
RA right ascension
SCT Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
UHTC ultra-high transmission coating
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