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This is an Amazon-free site

There are many websites out there that are affiliates (associates) of Amazon.com and help sell their products. We are not one of them. We want to support smaller local U.S. and other retailers to help sell their product directly to you. As such, we are an Amazon-free site. Here's why:

  • Amazon.com is flooded with cheap no-name products from China
  • Amazon.com doesn't carry good brands for many product categories (telescopes, electric bikes to name a couple)
  • Amazon frequently rips off winning designs from their sellers by creating a lower-cost "AmazonBasics" version
  • Amazon frequently over-packages their deliveries, contributing to more waste
  • Amazon has relatively poor working conditions for their warehouse and delivery employees
  • Amazon has essentially destroyed the independent retail industry in the U.S.


Go-Astronomy.com may receive a small (tiny) monetary compensation when you buy a product from a vendor, or click on an ad, that is listed on this website. In this way, you the reader, helps support the cost of running and maintaining the website. This in no way raises the price you pay. As such, we are an affiliate of the various product vendors listed on the site.


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If you have any questions about any product, service, or organization listed on this website, please contact that entity directly.