10 Largest Planetariums

Here are the largest dedicated planetariums in the world as measured by dome size where one actually sits under to watch a planetarium show.

1. St. Petersburg Planetarium

37 meter dome
St. Petersburg, Russia

2. Nagoya City Science Museum

35 meter dome
Nagoya City, Japan

3. Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

27 meter dome
Jersey City, NJ USA

4. Zeiss Major Planetarium

23 meter dome
Berlin, Germany

5. Birla Planetarium

23 meter dome
Kolkata, India

6. Planetarium of Royal Observatory

23 meter dome
Brussels, Belgium

7. Morrison Planetarium

22.9 meter dome
San Francisco, CA

8. Samuel Oschin Planetarium

22.9 meter dome
Los Angeles, CA USA

9. Adler Planetarium

21 meter dome
Chicago, IL USA

10. Hayden Planetarium

20.7 meter dome
New York City, NY USA