2024 Star Parties & Festivals

The following lists the major annual star parties for astronomical viewing and festivals worldwide for amateur astronomers. For general rules of conduct at star parties, see star party etiquette.

U.S. Star Parties

Acadia Night Sky Festival TBA, 2024 Bar Harbor Inn, ME
Almost Heaven Star Party Aug 30-Sep 3, 2024 Spruce Knob Mountain, WV
Badlands Festival TBA, 2024 Badlands National Park, SD
Black Canyon Festival TBA, 2024 Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO
Black Forest Star Party TBA, 2024 Cherry Springs State Park, PA
Bootleg Spring Star Party TBA, 2024 Green River SWA, IL
Bootleg Fall Star Party TBA, 2024 Green River SWA, IL
Bryce Canyon Festival Jun 5-8, 2024 Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Cherry Springs Star Party Jun 6-9, 2024 Cherry Springs State Park, PA
Dakota Nights Festival TBA, 2024 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
Death Valley Dark Sky Festival Mar 1-3, 2024 Death Valley National Park, CA
Eldorado Star Party Oct 28-Nov 2, 2024 X-Bar Ranch, TX
Golden State Star Party Jun 14-18, 2024 Bieber, CA
Grand Canyon Star Party Jun 1-8, 2024 Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim), AZ
Great Basin Festival Sep5-7 2024 Great Basin National Park, NV
Great Lakes Star Gaze TBA, 2024 River Valley RV Park, MI
Green Bank Star Quest Jul 3-6, 2024 Green Bank Observatory, WV
Idaho Star Party Sep 15-17, 2024 Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID
Joshua Tree Night Sky Festival TBA, 2024 Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Midsouth Stargaze May 8-11, 2024 Natchez Trace Parkway, MS
Nebraska Star Party Jul 28-Aug 2, 2024 Merritt Reservoir, NE
Nightfall Star Party Nov 1-2, 2024 Borrego Springs, CA
Okie-Tex Star Party Sep 27-Oct 5, 2024 Kenton, OK
Orange Blossom Special Feb 7-11, 2024 Withlacoochee River Park, FL
Oregon Star Party Jul 18-23, 2024 Ochoco National Forest, OR
Rocky Mountain Star Stare Jun 14-18, 2024 Gardner, CO
Shenandoah Night Sky Festival Aug 11-13, 2024 Shenandoah National Park, VA
Stars Over Katahdin TBA, 2024 Katahdin Woods and Waters, ME
Stellafane TBA, 2024 Breezy Hill, VT
Table Mountain Star Party Jul 30-Aug 3, 2024 Oroville, WA
Texas Eclipse & Star Party Apr 5-9, 2024 Aquilla, TX
Winter Star Party Feb 5-11, 2024 Scout Key, FL

Canada Star Parties

Alberta StarBQ TBA, 2024 Caroline, AB
Alberta Star Party TBA, 2024 Drumheller, AB
Butter Pot Star Party Jul 21-22, 2024 Butter St. John's, NL
Fundy Star Gaze TBA, 2024 Fundy Par, NB
Island Star Party TBA, 2024 Duncan, BC
Jasper Dark Sky Festival TBA, 2024 Jasper Park, AB
Kouchibouguac Spring Star Fest TBA, 2024 Kouchibouguac Park, NB
Kouchibouguac Fall Star Fest TBA, 2024 Kouchibouguac Park, NB
Mount Carleton Star Party TBA, 2024 Mount Carleton, NB
Mount Kobau Star Party TBA, 2024 Mount Kobau, BC
N. Prairie Star Party Sep 12-17 2024 Tofield, AB
Nova East Star Party TBA, 2024 Newport, NS
Saskatchewan Star Party TBA, 2024 Maple Creek, SK
Starfest Aug 8-11, 2024 Hanover, Ontario
Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Festival TBA, 2024 Wood Buffalo Park, NT

UK & Ireland Star Parties

Astrocamp TBA, 2024 Brecon Beacons, England
Dalby Forest StarFest TBA, 2024 North Yorkshire, England
Equinox Sky Camp Sep 30-Oct 7, 2024 Norfolk, England
Mayo Dark Sky Festival Nov 1-3, 2024 Newport, Ireland
Skellig Star Party Aug, 2024 County Kerry, Ireland

Australia Star Parties

Queensland Astrofest TBA, 2024 Linville, QLD
OzSky Star Safari Mar 8-15, 2024 Coonabarabran, NSW
OzSky Star Safari Sep 30-Oct 7, 2024 Coonabarabran, NSW
South Pacific Star Party May 2-5, 2024 Ilford, NSW