2023 Astronomy Summer Camps

Enroll in a fun and educational astronomy camp or learning program in 2023. The future is looking up!

Astronomy Camps in the U.S.

Space Camp Huntsville, AL
Astronomy Camp Tucson, AZ
AstroCamp Los Angeles, CA
Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics Santa Cruz, CA
Yale Summer Program in Astrophysics New Haven, CT
Space Trek Kennedy Space Center, FL
Space Astronomy (STSci) Baltimore, MD
PARI Summer Camps Rosman, NC
iD Tech Summer Camps Austin, TX
Frontier Research & Training in Astronomy Austin, TX
UTeach Outreach Summer Camps Austin, TX
SpaceX Intern Program Boca Chica, TX
Space Center Houston Camps Houston, TX
AstroCamp Virginia Clover, VA
CREST II Summer Internship Program Washington DC

Astronomy Camps Worldwide

AstroCamp Paredes de Coura, Portugal
Astro Space Camp Bengaluru, India
ESO Summer Research Programme Garching, Germany
European Space Camp Andøya Island, Norway
CosmoDome Space Camps Laval, Quebec Canada
IDEAS Camp Kingston, Ontario Canada
Int'l Astronomical Youth Camp Andreasberg, Germany
Int'l Science Engagement Camp Czech Republic
Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Program Netherlands
Space School UK Leicester, England
UBC Physics Camps Vancouver, BC Canada