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Zeta Ursa Majoris (Mizar)

Zeta1 Ursa Majoris (ζ1 UMa), also known as Mizar, is a spectral class A2V SB star of magnitude 2.23 located in the constellation Ursa Major. ζ1 UMa is one of the brighter stars in Ursa Major and can be seen by the naked eye under dark skies or with binoculars.

      1. Name:
      2. Zeta1 Ursa Majoris
      1. Short name:
      2. ζ1 UMa
      1. Common name:
      2. Mizar
      1. Spectral class:
      2. A2V SB
      1. Magnitude:
      2. 2.23
      1. Right Acension:
      2. 13h 23m 55.54s
      1. Declination:
      2. +54° 55' 31.3"