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Apus Constellation
Constellation Apus the Bird-of-Paradise Star Map

Apus, the Bird-of-Paradise (Aps)


The Southern constellation of Apus, the Bird-of-Paradise, is best viewed in Summer during the month of July. It's brightest star is Apodis at magnitude 3.80. The boundary of the Apus constellation contains 2 stars that host known exoplanets.

      1. Pronunciation:
      2. APE-us
      1. Meaning:
      2. Bird-of-Paradise
      1. Genitive:
      2. Apodus
      1. Abbreviation:
      2. Aps
      1. Constellation Family:
      2. Bayer
      1. Hemisphere:
      2. Southern
      1. Quadrant:
      2. SQ3
      1. Best viewing month*:
      2. July
      1. Right Ascension (avg):
      2. 16h 8m
      1. Declination (avg):
      2. -76° 35'
      1. Brightest star:
      2. Apodis  (3.80)
      1. Stars with planets:
      2. 2

    Brightest Stars in Apus

    The 10 brightest stars in the constellation Apus by magnitude.

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      Star Clusters in Apus

      The most notable and easy-to-find star clusters in the constellation Apus . Also see all star clusters.

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        * Constellation shown for northen hemisphere skies. For the southern hemisphere, constellations appear rotated 180 degrees (upside-down and left-right reversed) from what is shown. Remember that seasons are reversed too - summer in northern latitudes is winter in southern latitudes.

        ** Circumpolar constellations are visible year-round in the hemisphere listed (and not at all in the opposite hemisphere).