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Stansbury Park Observatory

Please contact this observatory organization for information on telescope viewing schedules, job opportunities, and public outreach programs.

      1. Name:
      2. Stansbury Park Observatory
      1. Address:
      2. Stansbury Park
      1. Site/City:
      2. Tooele
      1. State:
      2. UT
      1. Country:
      2. USA
      1. Phone:
      2. 435-882-1209
      1. Telescope:
      2. 32-inch, 16-inch telescopes
      1. Notes:
      2. 27 miles W of Salt Lake City

    Observatories are complex facilities that require regular maintenance. If your facility is in need of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), see the 2017 CMMS Software Guide for best-in-breed solutions.