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Astrotourism in KY

Enjoy astronomy in the state of KY. Go visit a planetarium, space museum, observatory, space tech factory, space port, dark sky park, or attend a star party!

Notable planetariums in KY

These are largest and most notable - also see all planetariums in KY.

      1. Venue
      2. Site/City
      1. Hardin Planetarium
      2. Bowling Green
      1. Rauch Planetarium
      2. Louisville

    Notable observatories in KY

    These are largest and most notable. Also see all observatories in KY.

        1. Name
        2. Location
        1. Moore Observatory
        2. Horner Wildlife Refuge
        1. Morehead 21 Antenna
        2. Morehead

      Dark sky sites in KY

      Also see all dark sky sanctuaries and parks.

          1. Name
          2. Location
          1. Natural Bridge State Park
          2. Stanton
          1. Mammoth Cave National Park
          2. Mammoth Cave