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Astrotourism in OK

Enjoy astronomy in the state of OK. Go visit a planetarium, space museum, observatory, space tech factory, space port, dark sky park, or attend a star party!

Notable planetariums in OK

These are largest and most notable - also see all planetariums in OK.

      1. Venue
      2. Site/City
      1. James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium
      2. Tulsa

    Annual star parties in OK

    Also see all star parties in the U.S..

        1. Name
        2. Location
        1. Okie-Tex Star Party
        2. Kenton

      Spaceports in OK

      Also see all spaceports & launch sites.

          1. Name
          2. Location
          1. Oklahoma Air & Space Port
          2. Burns Flat