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Observatories in Hawaii

There are 28 astronomical observatories in the state of HI that have telescopes used for astronomy research. Some observatories are complexes that host multiple telescopes at the same site. Not all observatories may be open to the public. Please contact them for any public outreach programs. Also see astronomy clubs in HI.

Advanced Electro-Optical System Mount Haleakala
ATLAS 1 Mount Haleakala
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Mauna Kea
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Mauna Kea
Faulkes Telescope North Mount Haleakala
Gemini North Observatory Mauna Kea
Haleakala Observatory Mount Haleakala
Inouye Solar Telescope Mount Haleakala
James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Mauna Kea
KEASA Observatory Manoa, Kauai
Lanihuli Observatory Kaneohe, Oahu
Leeward College Observatory Pearl City, Oahu
Mauna Kea Observatory Mauna Kea
Mauna Loa Observatory Mauna Loa
Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (2029) Mauna Kea
Mees Solar Observatory Mount Haleakala
NASA Infrared Telescope Mauna Kea
Pan-STARRS Mount Haleakala
Solar-C Telescope Mount Haleakala
Subaru Telescope Mauna Kea
Submillimeter Array Mauna Kea
Thirty Meter Telescope (2027) Mauna Kea
Tohoku Telescopes Mount Haleakala
UH 0.9m Telescope Mauna Kea
UH 2.2m Telescope Mauna Kea
UK Infrared Telescope Mauna Kea
Very Long Baseline Array Mauna Kea
W. M. Keck Observatory Mauna Kea