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Larissa Moon

Moon of Neptune: Larissa

Larissa is a moon of planet Neptune and is likely a rubble pile that has re-accreted from fragments of the original moons of Neptune that collided after the moon Triton was captured. Larissa is slowly spiraling down toward Neptune and will either smash into the planet or be pulled apart and form its own ring.

For a listing of all moons, see Moons of the Planets.

Larissa Facts
      1. Mass (kg)
      1. Radii (km)
      2. 104 x 89
      1. Density (gm/cm3)
      1. Distance from planet (km)
      2. 73,600
      1. Rotational period (days)
      1. Orbital period (days)
      2. 0.55465
      1. Orbital velocity (km/sec)
      2. 9.65
      1. Eccentricity of orbit
      2. 0.0014
      1. Inclination of orbit (°)
      2. 0.20
      1. Albedo
      2. 0.06
      1. Magnitude (Vo)
      2. 22.0

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