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Kiviuq: Moon of Saturn

Kiviuq is an irregular moon of the Inuit group of moons of the planet Saturn. It may be a contact binary, and is light red in color.

For a listing of all moons, see Moons of the Planets.

Kiviuq Facts
      1. Mass (kg)
      1. Radius (km)
      2. 5
      1. Density (gm/cm3)
      1. Distance from planet (km)
      2. 11,442,000
      1. Rotational period (days)
      1. Orbital period (days)
      1. Orbital velocity (km/sec)
      1. Eccentricity of orbit
      1. Inclination of orbit (°)
      1. Albedo
      1. Magnitude (Vo)
      1. Atmosphere