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Moons of the Planets

This pages lists the 182 moons of all the planets in our solar system. Every year or so new moons are discovered for the outer planets.

0 Moons for Mercury

0 Moons for Venus

1 Moon of Earth

2 Moons of Mars

0 Moons for Dwarf Ceres

67 Moons of Jupiter (in order of size)

The first 4 moons listed, the Galilean moons, are viewable with binoculars and any telescope.

62 Moons of Saturn (in order of size)

The first 6 moons listed are viewable using a decent-sized telescope. Titan is viewable with binoculars.

S/2004 S13

S/2006 S1

S/2004 S17

S/2004 S12

S/2007 S3

S/2004 S7

S/2006 S3

27 Moons of Uranus (in order of size)

Titania can be viewed with a larger telescope.

14 Moons of Neptune (in order of size)

Triton is viewable using a good-sized telescope.

5 Moons of Dwarf Pluto (in order of size)

1 Moon of Dwarf Orcus

2 Moons of Dwarf Haumea

1 Moon of Dwarf Quaoar

0 Moons for Dwarf Makemake

0 Moons for Dwarf 2007 OR10

1 Moon of Dwarf Eris

0 Moons for Dwarf Sedna

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