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Caldwell Catalog
Caldwell Catalog of 109 Deep-Sky Objects

Caldwell 109 Deep-Sky Objects

The Caldwell catalog contains 109 primarily southern-sky deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters) that are not too difficult to see in modest telescopes. Astronomy clubs and star parties sometimes host "half-marathons" where the goal is to find half the objects in a single night.

Also see the related Messier Catalog 110 Objects and the more difficult Herschel 400 Objects.

Caldwell C1
Caldwell C2  Bow-Tie Nebula
Caldwell C3
Caldwell C4  Iris Nebula
Caldwell C5
Caldwell C6  Cat's Eye Nebula
Caldwell C7
Caldwell C8
Caldwell C9  Cave Nebula
Caldwell C10
Caldwell C11  Bubble nebula
Caldwell C12  Fireworks Galaxy
Caldwell C13  Owl Cluster
Caldwell C14  Double Cluster
Caldwell C15  Blinking Planetary
Caldwell C16
Caldwell C17
Caldwell C18
Caldwell C19  Cocoon Nebula
Caldwell C20  N. America Nebula
Caldwell C21
Caldwell C22  Blue Snowball
Caldwell C23
Caldwell C24  Perseus A
Caldwell C25
Caldwell C26
Caldwell C27  Crescent Nebula
Caldwell C28
Caldwell C29
Caldwell C30
Caldwell C31  Flaming Star Nebula
Caldwell C32  Whale Galaxy
Caldwell C33  East Veil Nebula
Caldwell C34  West Veil Nebula
Caldwell C35
Caldwell C36
Caldwell C37
Caldwell C38  Needle Galaxy
Caldwell C39  Eskimo Nebula
Caldwell C40
Caldwell C41  Hyades
Caldwell C42
Caldwell C43
Caldwell C44
Caldwell C45
Caldwell C46  Hubble's Nebula
Caldwell C47
Caldwell C48
Caldwell C49  Rosette Nebula
Caldwell C50
Caldwell C51
Caldwell C52
Caldwell C53  Spindle Galaxy
Caldwell C54
Caldwell C55  Saturn Nebula